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MGC-50 Pre-Fill - 200 Magnets, 50 4-packs

MGC-50 Pre-Fill - 200 Magnets, 50 4-packs

Item Number:MGC-50
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• Includes shipping on spinner (you will be charged for shipping on the magnet portion only)

• 40 Designs Magnet 4-packs = 200 Magnets Total

• Non-customizable - Pre-Fill based on Current Top-Sellers

• Includes MORE of the quickest sellers for a more even sell-through
MGC-50 includes 50 magnet 4-packs, (Staggered with more of the very best-sellers) and includes the Counter Spinner AND shipping on the counter spinner ($94). Includes 40 free magnets to offset the cost of the spinner. Total magnets in this package 200 (40 of which are free to offset spinner cost.)

You are only charged shipping on the magnets, which ship from northern California. Shipping cost is normally below 10% (but could possibly be higher).

NOTE: This PRE-FILL spinner package with staggered best-sellers but you may choose your own magnets designs (50 4-packs) upon request. 

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