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MB-120  Magnet 4-pack - Powder Hound Husky

MB-120 Magnet 4-pack - Powder Hound Husky

Item Number:MB-120
Your Price: $9.40 Four 2.5 x 3.5 Magnets

Siberian Husky

Powder Hound Husky

Unique UPC

Made in the USA
Krista enjoys capturing the quirky, lovable and laughable personalities of our animal friends. Getting the wording to speak volumes is just as important to her as nailing the look in each perky pet's eye. Your customers will LOVE these magnets.

All "works of ARF" are created by Retro Pets artist Krista Brooks. Inspired by the past and framed in the present, this ever-expanding collection of critters charms the eye, amuses the mind and delights the soul. 

All Artwork ©Retro Pets - All Rights Reserved.

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