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Ask me anything! I might know the answer. Especially if it's about Retro Pets Art!

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Meantime, here are some questions I hear a lot...

What's the minimum opening order?

The minimum OPENING order is one of our Programs.

We suggest the Magnet Program and between the floor and counter spinner, the floor is our fave.
After you have started with a program in any category, you can then order open stock of that category.

So what's the minimum reorder?

$49 in any combination of product.
Keep in mind that your shipping cost percentage will be way higher when you place a small order. We ship with Fedex.

What comes in the Opening Programs you offer? Can I pick out what I want?

They come pre-filled and are staggered with best-sellers. We give you a bunch extra Happy Doodle Coffee and Whatever Kitty's, for example, as those are our two biggest sellers. You'll get more of what sells really fast, otherwise you'll just be out of it too quickly and you won't know what you could have sold.
We are happy to email you a sample invoice showing what comes standard in any of our Programs.

That said, you are welcome to customize the Pre-fills.

How quickly do you ship?

Usually within 1-2 days and product is shipped from northern California. (See Shipping Information for more details)
Spinners ship separately and we try to coordinate for product and spinner to get to you at the same time.

Do you drop-ship?

No, sorry we don't.

What forms of payment do you take?

EFT, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and checks if you'd like to prepay.

But we only do business Net 30...

It's our preference to do business with credit cards but you can apply for terms after your opening order.

What is your return policy?

We'll replace any product that is defective with the same product.
If you order Pugtato Chip magnets and they come to you damaged or defective we'll send you new Pugtato Chips magnets.
(And profusely apologize of course!)

What are the MAP's for your products?

Art Prints - $19.95, Magnets $4.95, Greeting Cards $3.75, Buttons $1.95

How should I place my orders with Retro Pets Art?

We'll place your first order for you and after that you will be given access to place orders in this wholesale cart if you like.
Or place orders however you prefer. Email is fine and fax is fine, too.

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